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‘Stealing’ Solutions

And I’m back—after, wow, more than a year now. Who could have imagined what we’re going through now back in March ’19? Où sont les neiges de l’année dernière? Anyway, some housekeeping: the Columbo mystery in that long-ago last post … Continue reading

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I’m still wondering if anyone is interested in expressing his or her thoughts about the last two posts–mostly because I’ve been musing over them for the last few days! I intend to post a Geoffrey Lord impossible crime/ “no footprints” … Continue reading

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Solution Time (Let’s Try This Again)

OK, folks, I’m revealing the solution to “Ruby Red.” (I would have revealed it before, as promised, but Inurhadi correctly found one of the three major clues.)                           … Continue reading

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Solution Time

If no one else cares to take a guess at it, I can reveal the solution later tonight. I will repeat that the answer was one of Inurhadi’s solutions but that prime information was missing.

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Howdy, folks–   I still mean to post more short detective fiction, but until then…   I just created a mystery-related forum here:   I based it off Dave Young’s JDC forum, a superb resource that is now … Continue reading

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A Game of Wits

Anyone else interested in testing his or her wits on the murder mystery below? Please comment there (with spoiler labels) if you think you have the solution–or if you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, rants, musings on the meaning … Continue reading

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It has been ages since I have posted here, for which I apologize, but, if anyone is interested, I wrote some comments that may interest fans of the genre at this site. I may actually repeat the argument I made there … Continue reading

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Top 10 Agatha Christie Books

This blog is threatening to become a nightmare of lists, but here goes: my top ten Agatha Christie novels. Now, this is not going to be that a list of that vague and nebulous term “the best,” with a thousand … Continue reading

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