I’m still wondering if anyone is interested in expressing his or her thoughts about the last two posts–mostly because I’ve been musing over them for the last few days!

I intend to post a Geoffrey Lord impossible crime/ “no footprints” problem (apropos of JJ’s post here!), a post on the element of parody in Christianna Brand’s Tour de Force (which I recently finished), and another on Paul Halter’s The Phantom Passage, the first Halter in which I liked both the puzzle-plot and the reading experience.

If I get sidetracked (as usual), please remind me!

This blog will, as always, continue at its famously irregular pace (to quote Xavier Lechard of “At the Villa Rose” ).

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. About the last post… It outlines why I’m not sold on Agatha Christie. Admittedly, I’ve only read a couple of her books & have seen film adaptations of her novels. I find the endings invariably disappointing, as in: Many times you could not guess who the killer is based on the information given. But, that’s probably just me not picking up on the clues.


    • Welcome, and thanks for the kind words, Silver Screenings.

      As for my own blog, I’ll probably be focusing mainly on detective stories—though, as I know myself, I’ll get wildly off track at times.

      I’m a huge fan of classic Hollywood, which is how I found your blog. I wish my blog could be about various topics, but then my focus would be all over the place!

      As for Christie, yes, I’ve always seen her “play fair” with the clues. I consider fair play to be the very cornerstone of the Golden Age whodunnit. That’s why the question re: Lord Edgware Dies intrigues me so.

      I think I’ll post a shorter “impossible crime” Geoffrey Lord story before posting the big one. We’ll see how it goes.



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