Solution Time!

OK, folks, it’s time for the solution to “The Unhinged Man”…































































The murderer is Terence Crane. He is the only one not in a pattern of the names, just as in “Thirteen at Dinner.”

Inurhadi’s logic was correct and made up Geoffrey Lord’s original solution:

Cardinal is indeed derived from the Latin cardinalis, or “hinge.” Based on that fact–“the derivation of one word in particular,” as Geoff put it–he originally deduced that the killer was William Cardinal.

But then Geoff realized the most pertinent fact: the killer was not the hinged (“cardinal”) man but rather the unhinged man–the man who did not fit the “hinged” pattern.

But what was the pattern, and how did it relate to hinged, or unhinged?

What are some meanings for cardinal? The Catholic cleric, of course, and the bird (“volucrine”!), and… The four cardinal directions.

That’s our pattern, boys and girls: North, South, East, and West.

And our names? Leaving aside the avian surnames and focusing on the Christian names: Norman, Sam, Edgar, and William. North, South, East, and West again.

But there is one name that is not one of the cardinal directions–un-cardinal, shall, we say, or un-hinged: Terence Crane.


(By the way, the individual to whom Mr. Lord’s last comment was directed was Prof. Tewksbury, who obviously came up with the Latin derivation of cardinal.)



































































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3 Responses to Solution Time!

  1. JJ says:

    Okay, yeah — I never thought of the compass directions as “cardinal” before, but that’s more an admission of failure on my part than a criticism per se of your reasoning. Although I’m fairly sure Lord is told at one point “This isn’t a names puzzle” or similar and it sort of is really…but, well, you’re in good company there, since many a GAD maestro pulled the old “Oh, no, it’s not this” only for it to be exactly that come the end (an egregious JDC example jumps to mind…).

    Nice work, look forward to whatever follows 🙂


    • Thanks for the compliment, JJ! As for fairness questions, Geoff does indeed say it’s not a names puzzle (except for “cardinal”), but that’s why he rebukes himself at the end, realizing his original solution was wrong.


      • JJ says:

        Aaaah, yes, nicely handled — good invocation of the false solution, too. Shows me up for the clot-headed bumpkin I clearly am!


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