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Is ‘Lord Edgware Dies’ Fair Play?

Originally posted on Golden Age of Detective Fiction Forum:
I’ve recently reread Christie’s “Lord Edgware Dies” (aka “Thirteen at Dinner”) and was again troubled by the question of whether one of the key moments of misdirection is fair. Hastings has…

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An Undignified Melodrama for My Bone of Contention

OK, folks, I’m in a bit of a quandary: I have a new Geoffrey Lord story, and I think it’s fairly decent, but it’s longer than any of the others I’ve posted, and I’m not sure if you’d all be … Continue reading

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Solution Time!

OK, folks, it’s time for the solution to “The Unhinged Man”…                                                           … Continue reading

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Desert [Not “Dessert”!] Island Books

Well, it seems that I haven’t posted anything here except my own fiction for a while–a sincere thank you to everyone who has looked at it and especially to those who have commented!–but I’ll try to remedy that with this … Continue reading

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And Now for the Sequel…

Yes, indeed, my first sequel, this to “Color Scheme”…   “The Unhinged Man” “A puzzle for you, Mr. Lord,” said Alice Little, the famed poetess. The Puzzlers, that select and secretive organization, was having its monthly meeting. Geoffrey Lord, the … Continue reading

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Color Scheme

I’m not yet ready to post the story to which I referred before, but in the meantime… “Color Scheme” When Mr. Geoffrey Lord, of West 87th Street, New York City, was first asked to join one of the most illustrious … Continue reading

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Solution Time (Let’s Try This Again)

OK, folks, I’m revealing the solution to “Ruby Red.” (I would have revealed it before, as promised, but Inurhadi correctly found one of the three major clues.)                           … Continue reading

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Solution Time

If no one else cares to take a guess at it, I can reveal the solution later tonight. I will repeat that the answer was one of Inurhadi’s solutions but that prime information was missing.

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Another Game of Wits

“Ruby Red” “Damn all dying clues!” (This from a policeman, viz. Lt. Christopher McKee of the NYPD, whose job it is to investigate said clues, or any clues.) “That’s one way to put it,” murmured Mr. Geoffrey Lord softly. “What’s … Continue reading

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